A Different Kind of Hair Salon in West Palm Beach

A Different Kind of Hair Salon in West Palm Beach

There are a lot of things that go into an excellent hair salon. There’s great hairdressers, great tools and great hair products. Still, there are other elements that can turn a good hair salon into a great one. Few salons are truly dedicated to a full scope of beauty services which make you feel stunning from the inside out. We invite you to visit 360 Beauty Health Wellness, our hair salon in West Palm Beach which redefines what it means to be a quality salon.


At 360 Beauty Health Wellness, we believe that beauty is an immersive experience that requires a full scope of services. We believe in a holistic approach to health, beauty and wellness. This belief is reflected in the expansive services offered at our salon and spa. When you walk through our doors, you become immersed in a world that’s dedicated to your beauty, health and wellness. We show that dedication through a full 360-degree experience of services that include a medical spa, day spa and hair salon.

.Medical Spa

To redefine what it means to be a hair salon, we first need to address what it means to be a great hair salon. We offer the most comprehensive hair salon services around. We’re an accredited L’Oreal Salon in West Palm Beach, a distinction that sets us apart from the competition with excellence in our craft. We offer a wide range of hair salon services such as:


-Haircuts and Styling

-Hair Coloring

-Texturizing Treatments

-Hair Extensions

-Blow Outs

-Deep Conditioning Treatments


All of our hair salon services are performed with your personal preferences in mind. Our professionals consult with you to determine which style matches your wishes and level of upkeep. They’ll work to give you a hairstyle that you can easily maintain so you can keep looking and feeling your best after you leave our salon.


In addition to offering the best salon services, we’re also the most comprehensive day spa in West Palm Beach. We provide the quality spa services you’d expect, such as facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing. In addition to our day spa services, we’re a quality medical spa. We offer seemingly effortless and minimally invasive medical spa services such as soft tissue fillers, Botox, Sclerotherapy and laser treatments. Our services are performed in a safe environment with your comfort and beauty in mind.