A Standout Medical Spa in West Palm Beach

A Standout Medical Spa in West Palm Beach


Facial Fillers in West Palm Beach are a beauty procedure that’s only increasing in popularity. Facial fillers are a great option over other beauty procedures. They’re more permanent than a makeup application, yet less invasive than a full surgical procedure. Facial fillers sit happily in the middle, they’re a seemingly effortless beauty technique that brings drastic and long lasting results. With the increased popularity of facial fillers comes a growth of businesses offering these kinds of services. There is one medical spa in West Palm Beach that stands apart in quality and safety. Trust your facial fillers and minimally invasive procedures to our team at 360 Beauty Health Wellness!


Our team strives to provide the most luxurious and advanced beauty treatments available. Our services focus on providing beauty treatments which leave you feeling beautiful from the inside out. Our medical spa in West Palm Beach offers comprehensive and minimally invasive procedures that leave you feeling and looking your best. We offer services such as soft tissue fillers, Botox, Sclerotherapy and laser treatments. Each procedure brings different benefits and our team can help you choose the procedure that’s best for you. Facial fillers in West Palm Beach are a popular option, they discretely fill in wrinkles and fine lines with a short procedure. Our procedures are performed in a clean and safe environment where we keep your comfort in mind. In fact, most of the procedures are virtually pain free!


At 360 Beauty Health Wellness, we’re not just the most trusted medical spa in West Palm Beach. Under the same roof, you can also find a full service hair salon and day spa. Our hair salon offers everything you’d expect, such as haircuts, hair coloring and deep conditioning treatments. The salon is staffed by expert stylists who work to give you a hair style that matches your style and upkeep.


Our day spa services will complete the pampering that leaves you feeling refreshed from the inside out. You can complete the look you achieved at our medical spa and hair salon with a finishing touch from our day spa. We offer services such as:


-No Chip Manicures

-Chocolate Martini Pedicures

-24K Gold Mask

-Red Carpet Facial


-Hot Stone Massage

-Brow Tint



There are countless other services you can get at our expansive day spa in West Palm Beach. Our goal is to offer a full circle of services in each segment of our service to ensure that you feel truly refreshed during your visit.


If you’re looking for facial fillers, non-invasive procedures, hair salon services or a quality day spa, look no further than 360 Beauty Health Wellness. We approach beauty as a holistic science that incorporates elements from several aspects, each working together to help you feel like your most beautiful self. Stop in or schedule an appointment today to discover your most beautiful you!