Which Medical Spa in West Palm Beach Preps Patients for the Holidays?

Which Medical Spa in West Palm Beach Preps Patients for the Holidays?


Time has sure flown in 2015. The holiday season is fast upon us, and those little changes and improvements we were planning on making all year are necessary now more than ever. Are you putting your best face forward for holiday parties, gatherings and events? For many people, getting holiday ready requires more than a haircut and a facial. If wrinkles, skin texture issues, spider veins, loose skin, cellulite and other issues are keeping you from feeling the joy of the holidays, our team at 360 Beauty Health Wellness is here to help. We offer many different services at our medical spa in West Palm Beach, all of which are aimed at helping you put your best self forward this holiday season.


Often, wrinkles are caused by loss in facial volume, fat and contouring. Our facial fillers in West Palm Beach can help remedy this problem from the outside in, restoring facial volume to help treat wrinkles and deep folds. At 360 Beauty Health Wellness, we offer some of the most popular facial fillers in West Palm Beach such as Radiesse, Juvederm and Belotero.


Varicose veins and spider veins can be treated effectively with this nonsurgical procedure. A solution is expertly injected into effected veins, pushing the bulging vein back down deeper into the dermis. This procedure is also ideal for unsightly veins in the hands and face as well.


At 360 Beauty Health Wellness, we use Velashape treatments to tighten skin and shape contouring features of the body. Best of all, this treatment helps reduce cellulite. In fact, our Velashape procedures can even help reduce overall circumference by improving collagen and elastin production while helping diminish fat cell prominence.


Ultherapy is like a facelift without the need for an actual facelift. At 360 Beauty Health Wellness, we make use of the latest techniques in this uplifting procedure to tighten loose skin throughout the face and neck. Using ultrasound technology to stimulate deep layers in the dermis, Ultherapy brings tighter skin and better toning over time.


At 360 Beauty Health Wellness, our medical spa services are geared to fit your lifestyle while bringing you the results you need. These spa services in West Palm Beach can be completed in just a few short sessions, bringing major improvements without disrupting your busy lifestyle. This holiday season, you can give yourself the greatest gift of looking and feeling your very best. Getting started is simple, just call our experts at (561) 207-8621.